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Exclusive Services

All our services begin with a free consultation to get to the very heart of the brand challenges you face as an organisation.


Whether you need to boost brand awareness, enhance stakeholder perception or even attract and retain talent, we can find a strategic partner to help you achieve your goals.

Sponsorship Research

Our research services create a bespoke profile of your ideal sponsorship partner before reducing the ocean of available opportunities down to a select group of highly aligned partnerships for you to consider. Your final report includes thorough due diligence of each opportunity allowing you to choose the right partner for your business.


Sponsorship Planning

We plan and implement sponsorship campaigns that enable your organisation to contribute positively to the fan’s enjoyment of the team or event you choose to sponsor. From bold on-site activation, unique experiences, and collaborative social activation, we aim to engage audiences and build positive brand associations, not distract them with brash advertising and signage.


Sponsorship Evaluation

Using a unique scorecard of sponsorship metrics supported by comprehensive market research, our evaluation services provide a holistic view of the hard and soft measures determining sponsorship success. Reliable and repeatable, our methodology allows for simultaneous benchmarking of multiple campaigns and continual adjustments to respond to real-time performance.

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